Finding a home. Analyzing its Value. Negotiating the Price. Coordinating Inspections. Negotiating Repairs. Coordinating with the Lender, Appraiser, Escrow, and Listing Agent to make sure your sale goes through…

There are a lot of moving parts to a real estate transaction. The right realtor will be able to analyze properties to assess their true value, negotiate the price to save you thousands, and get your offer accepted above all others, in addition to coordinating with all the people involved to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and your interests are protected.

Buying a home is a complex process involving various vendors, documents, and coordination between different teams. In addition to getting your offer accepted, and negotiating a deal in your favor, your agent will be your project manager, keeping each party and the escrow on track so that you can have a smooth purchase. This is someone you will be speaking with nearly every day of your transaction, and trusting to take care of any challenges that occur, so you will want to make sure you are a good fit.

Meet in person. Spend some time discussing your goals and getting to know each other. They should be able to give you clear direction in terms of next steps and expectations. Are you confident they will protect your best interests? Are you confident they have enough knowledge and experience to negotiate for you to get your offer accepted AND to watch out for you during the inspection and escrow process? Do they have the resources and relationships you need to feel confident in your inspections and loan process? Are you comfortable with them on a personal level? Then decide if you want to hire that person to be your dedicated Realtor.

I’d love the chance to be that Realtor. Let’s chat and see if we’re a good fit. No commitment. No pressure. Just a friendly conversation about real estate.

Tiffany Thompson