I’m sure you are already browsing the internet looking for houses, and maybe even visiting open houses in your neighborhood - that’s a great way to get you an idea of what’s out there or ideas for what you like in a home, and even what you don’t like in a home. When you are ready to begin looking to purchase a home now, we can leave the stale listings behind. Based on your budget, your commute, and what you are looking for in a home, we can take a much more strategic approach so that you are looking only at the best of what’s out there, and what’s new, rather than seeing the same house go by in your feed day after day.

I will help you find the best homes available to fit your needs and introduce you to some neighborhoods that are going to get you the right balance of what you are looking for in your perfect home.

Finding the right neighborhood to match my clients’ needs and lifestyles is my specialty. You may be surprised what little pocket neighborhoods are tucked away nearby. Seeing properties together gives me a chance to learn what you like and dislike so that I can screen homes for you and keep an eye out for the perfect match. I will also send you email summaries of promising properties and you’ll be able to go to open houses on your own if you wish as well.

Once we find a place that could be home, I’ll research the property, the Seller’s motivation, what other offers may be coming in, and review other recently sold and listed properties to assess the home’s value, making sure you we craft a strong offer strategy and confirming that you are making a sound financial decision before submitting an offer. With a properly prepared offer package, listing agents often recommend my offers over others which is why my clients typically win over competing buyers. Last year my clients were able to get one of the first two homes they bid on..

This is only the beginning. I am ready to help you from beginning to end. I’m sure you have many questions, and I am happy to answer them. The easiest thing to do is simply set up a time for a consultation. We can meet over coffee and go over everything you need to know. No strings. No pressure. Just great information on what you need to know when buying a home.

Tiffany Thompson